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Surprise your family and yourself with mastering the art of baking Challah...

Permeate your home with that delightful smell simmering out of the oven...

Enjoy baking - and tasting - unique recipes you won't find in the bakery... 

This baking workshop will teach you how to mix, knead, shape, rise 
and basic Challah making - and the special Mitzvah of "separating the Challah" 

From the classic sesame covered Challah to the sweet 
to the unconventional 

For women and girls over the age of 8 

We will be providing aprons, baking tools and ingredients 

Don't miss the Challah and dip buffet!

Thursday, Feb. 2nd


Rohr Chabad Jewish Center, 443 E. Waring Ave.

$10 suggested donation

RSVP: sarah@psujew.com

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